Why you need to grow your team to achieve your goals

July 21st, 2020

The old saying goes, ‘divide and conquer’ and this definitely comes into play in business. It’s hard to be a jack of all trades and therefore growing your team (even as a small business) can often help you towards achieving your goals. Whether you’re outsourcing or hiring new staff, always remember to seek out people who fit in line with your values; they’ll be the ones that help you reach your milestones. 

Outsource to the experts.

Try as we might, we can’t all be the expert in everything we do. Trying to be everything to your business can get tiring, particularly if you’re in a busy stage of growth. You don’t want anything falling through the cracks. It can be easy to become distracted trying to get through those tasks that you find challenging, rather than focusing on the things you love about your business. 

Is outsourcing the solution for you? There are many fantastic VAs, HR advisors, accountants and others who can take care of your business so you can put your energy where it matters. 

Find an accountability buddy.

If you’re working towards specific business goals, becoming part of an accountability group or peer group can be a really useful tool for keeping you on track.Often when you ask yourself the same question, you’ll get the same answers. This is when having an accountability buddy or group can add tremendous value. 

Particularly if you’re a small business, accountability groups or buddies can provide a brilliant platform for bouncing ideas off other people which can be really beneficial. You’ll find you get a different perspective on your challenges and you might come to a solution a lot faster. 

After the last couple of months of the national lockdown, there’s the added benefits of creating new social connections and someone you can rely on and chat to about your challenges or celebrating your wins. 

Remember, you’re the key. 

You have the power to make your business what you want. Delegation can be hard when you want to do everything yourself. However, you can’t give the best of yourself to your business if you’re trying to be everything to everyone. No one wants to have to deal with the dreaded burn out. Once your focus is taken away from your goal, it will take you much longer to get there. 

When you’re giving 100% to the thing you love, that’s when your business will really see the benefits. It’s always a good idea to work smarter, not harder. 

Growing can be daunting but it’s a key part of business. We believe that businesses can thrive through careful delegation and outsourcing. At Virtual Hand, we are a team of action-takers. We support business owners who want to grow and evolve and do that by taking care of the day to day so they can focus on the bigger picture. Ready to achieve your goals? Take action today.

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