What we do for our Partners

Our community is full of passionate people like you; The Northern Affinity brings us together, connects us and helps us communicate our messages to the wider world. Our partners get loads of benefits, and we're always working hard to bring more. If you're looking for a reason to become a part of our collective of vibrant, proud Northern businesses, here's just a few.

Get connected

Success in business is about making awesome connections. As a part of The Northern Affinity, we'll really get to know you and your business. And because we really understand all the other partners within our community too, we help you make the right connections as the right time.

Spread your word

We'll promote your business and your events in our email campaigns, across our social channels and on our website, helping to grow awareness for your brand and grow your business.

Be Social

You'll get to choose which social media channels are most important to your business, so The Northern Affinity can help you reach more people online.

Let's get together

You'll have access to our events, where you can hang out with other partners and build relationships that grow your business. We hold monthly get togethers, peer group coaching and workshops to ensure you and your business can grow.

Mates rates

You'll have access to offers from The Northern Affinity community, giving you discounts on their products or services. Co-working, peer group support, meeting rooms, website support, local networking events are all part of what The Northern Affinity partners can access.

Provide a Platform

We want to see your skills and hear about your knowledge and experience. We provide a platform for you to show this to fellow partners, potential clients and connections. Take part in our live videos, speak at our events or hold your own training session and take your profile to another level.

Celebrating success

When it comes to business, sometimes it’s the little things that matter. After all, it’s the small victories that add up to big wins. That’s why we celebrate your success with The Northern Affinity.

Provide partner only platforms

Our community is full of like minded, driven and motivated people. We understand how important it is to share knowledge and experience and learn from each other. We provide a private platform for partners to share ideas, encourage each other, make connections, pass introductions and socialise.

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