Wellbeing tips for lockdown 3.0

January 22nd, 2021

As we approach February, it’s been nearly four weeks of lockdown 3.0. We know many of our partners are juggling their businesses, home schooling and other responsibilities. So we thought we’d pull together a few tips for taking care of yourself as we approach the next few weeks. One size doesn’t fit all here. We’d love to hear any of your experiences. Every little helps. 

Find the routine that works for you. 

Dolly’s method isn’t necessarily the way to make a living at the moment. We can all be forgiven for ditching the traditional 9-5 and finding the routine that works best around schooling, partner work habits and other responsibilities. 

You might find that getting a few hours in early in the morning is what does it for you. It might be late into the evening once everything else has settled down. Whatever way works for you, make sure you cut yourself some slack. You’re doing your very best. You never know, you might find that your creativity actually thrives outside the traditional working day. This might illuminate you to a new way of working you hadn’t considered before. 

Make time for yourself. 

We know our partners and we know how dedicated you are to what you do. But in the middle of a lot of chaos, it’s so important to remember to carve out some time for yourself in the day. You might get an hour, you might get ten minutes. But remembering to stop, step back and smell the roses (no matter how long for) is so important for maintaining your wellbeing. 

Whether you watch your favourite show, work out, play your favourite video game or simply sit in silence away from a screen for a short time, doing something for yourself in the day will help you to slow down from work. Working from home, especially when you’re a business owner, can make it feel almost impossible to step away from the desk. Remember the importance of a work-life balance. 

Stay connected to others. 

Never has a situation affected so many people around the globe. So the chances are, there will always be someone who knows exactly what you’re going through. Part of carving that time out for yourself will include staying connected to your friends and family. It’s easy to start feeling isolated when not leaving the four walls of your house (and the other people in it). 

The Northern Affinity is full of people who share a passion for what they do. Make the most of your community. A number of our partners are in the same boat – juggling managing their business on top of young families at home. When things get tough, reach out. We use several platforms to stay in touch and there is always someone to chat to. While our circumstances aren’t all identical, we’re all in the same wider situation. 

We hope you’re all doing well. While the lockdowns have meant we’ve been unable to do a lot of the things we normally love, they’ve also presented a number of really positive opportunities we may never have had before. 

If you’d like more information about connecting with The Northern Affinity, we’ll soon be expanding across Greater Manchester and South Yorkshire. To find out how to get involved, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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