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At The Northern Affinity, we believe in the personal touch. We want you to see who our partners are, what they do and what they are like. We know we have a great set of people who really know what they are talking about, now you can see this too.

Video marketing, why you should you do it and how

Michael Edwards from The Northern Affinity will be joined by Ryan Mulhern from First Frame Productions to discuss the importance of video in your marketing strategy.

Commercial Finance – Building Partnerships

Michael Edwards from The Northern Affinity will be joined by Liz Jowett from ABL. ABL is a FCA-authorised, fully-independent commercial finance consultancy which adds value through partnerships

How to develop a doable Marketing plan

Anna Short from Boo Marketing joined us to help us develop a doable Marketing plan for you and your business

Ask the Expert – Strategy and Processes

Michael Edwards from The Northern Affinity was joined by three experts to answer your questions on how to create a strategy, how to create effective processes and how important this is for any business.

‘How to’ assess what insurance covers your business needs.

Jeff Dunn from Spencer Hayes joins Michael Edwards from The Northern Affinity to help you understand what insurance your business needs to protect your people, your business and your assets.

‘How to’ leverage your content from regular messages to generating leads

What business doesn’t want more leads? Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get the required leads but the content you produce can be a fantastic way of demonstrating your expertise.

How to write your own Media Bio. Build your own PR

Caroline Joynson from Cheerleader PR joined Michael Edwards from The Northern Affinity to talk us through the steps of creating your own media bio.

Ask the experts – Sales

Michael Edwards was joined by three of The Northern Affinity partners with extensive knowledge of the world of sales and selling.

Ask the experts – Branding

Michael Edwards from The Northern Affinity was joined by 3 branding experts to take questions from our social media followers.

‘How to’ have the perfect initial sales meeting with a prospect

Pete Evans from Sales Star UK joins Michael Edwards from The Northern Affinity to look at the importance of asking the right questions and having an effective structure in your sales meetings.

How to’ develop a winning mindset to help you sell more

Pete Evans from Sales Star UK joins Michael Edwards from The Northern Affinity and will discuss the importance of developing a winning mindset in sales.

From Corporate to start up with Michelle Cowan

Michael Edwards from The Northern Affinity is joined by Michelle Cowan from socialsendr to discuss her career in the corporate world, the experiences and lessons learnt in that environment and how it has helped her start her own business.

‘How to’ care for health & wellbeing whilst balancing business priorities

Sarah Bradley from The HR Dept Leeds South joined Michael Edwards from The Northern Affinity to discuss ‘How to’ care for employee health and wellbeing whilst balancing business priorities

‘How to’ get great results from difficult conversations

Karen Amos from Bright Bird Coaching & Training joined Michael Edwards from The Northern Affinity and helped us all think about how to get positive outcomes from difficult conversations.

‘How to’ use the business model canvas as an effective planning tool

Joining Michael Edwards (The Northern Affinity) is Brenda Etchells who will help you understand how to use The Business Model canvas to plan your business strategy.

‘How to’ make your WordPress website more secure

In the latest webinar from our ‘How to’ Series, Phil Storey (Glow) joins Michael Edwards (The Northern Affinity) to talk us through 5 easy steps to take now to improve the security of your website.

‘How to’ write a website home page that drives conversions

Does your website bring you leads and enquiries? In fact, when was the last time you even looked at your own website? If it’s been some time, you’re not alone.

How do I organise my life? Becoming clutter free and better organised

Sue helps you make the most of your time & space through decluttering, organising & maintaining.

Digital Learning – How do you engage users?

Michael Edwards (The Northern Affinity) will be joined by Helen Hill (Unlikely Genius) to discuss how organisations are using digital learning.

Three businesses, two generations, one family.

Tune in to hear one family talk about running three separate businesses, and the trials of parenting, homeschooling and entrepreneurship during lockdown and beyond.

The Importance of Data for businesses

We were joined by Edward Wynn from DPI Consulting to discuss how important data is for any business of any size.

Outsourcing Sales for your business

We discussed how you can outsource your sales with Rebecca Roberts.

Keeping company directors on the right side of the law

Stewart Harper joined us to talk about the importance of staying compliant as a company director.

The Northern Affinity 2020 and beyond

The Northern Affinity is 1 in September 2020 and we have so many exciting plans for the future.

DISC profiling and strategic planning – How they complement each other

Two of our partners, Sarah Bradley (FCIPD) & Brenda Etchells got together to discuss how DISC profiling can help with strategic planning.

Business Networking – Benefits, changes and the future

We were joined by Ian & Tracey from In Business to discuss the world of Business Networking, how it has changed in the last few months, and what the future holds for it.

The Importance of time for business owners

We were joined by Michelle Poole from Virtual Hand to discuss the value of time for small business owners.

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