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At The Northern Affinity, we believe in the personal touch. We want you to see who our partners are, what they do and what they are like. We know we have a great set of people who really know what they are talking about, now you can see this too.

How to Maintain a Good Team

Michael Edwards from The Northern Affinity was joined by Amy Gault from Yorkshire Team Building as Amy discusses ‘How to Maintain a Good Team’.

How to get the most from your social media platforms.

Laura Norman from Chroma Marketing Ltd Marketing joined Michael Edwards from The Northern Affinity to discuss getting the most from your social media platforms.

How to ‘boost’ the success of your social media advertising

Social media has changed the way businesses communicate with their customers. The global pandemic has reinforced this and the need for all businesses to utilise social media platforms and their features have drastically increased

How important is health and fitness

Michael is joined by Jennie Edmondson from Go Health and fitness to discuss the importance for the body and mind to exercise and eat well.

When and Where to Share Your Business News – PR for your business

Gemma Birbeck, Director at Loaded PR provides us with a complete guide to sharing your business news with the media.

How to Get your Outlook In-box to Zero and keep it that way!

How to strategically plan and manage your in-box to zero and the steps to take to keep it that way.

How to Brand your business – The three areas of Branding

How to’ Succeed with your business branding. Branding 3 x 3, 3 tips each on 3 areas of branding : Strategy, Customer Journey and Identity.

How to take your first steps into employing

One of the most difficult decisions for any small business owner is to take on their first employee. It can be daunting and there is always the worry of where to start.

How to use SocialSendr with Michelle Cowan

Business isn’t just business; it’s a huge part of your life. You’ve got dreams, so to get there, you’re going to need three things; to surround yourself with the right people, to grow and develop your skills and knowledge, and to reach the right audience.

Business Banking – The Present and the future

Michael Edwards from The Northern Affinity was joined by Michelle Slater and Andrea Ottewell from Metro Bank to discuss business banking, the current landscape and what it could look like in the future.

5 ways to use video in your sales process to help you win more business

Michael from The Northern Affinity was joined by Simon Darlaston from Sandler Training to discuss how you can use video to help you win more business.

‘How to build an authentic approach to positively influence others’⠀

In this session, Karen will help business owners and leaders to build their own personal leadership style and give some practical tips on how to positively influence other people, both in and outside their business.

When Motorsport meets Charity

Gary will talk about his state of the art equipment, driving forward to raise money for a variety of different charities.

How to create a connection between your LinkedIn audience and your Website

In this How To session Jag Panesar from Xpand Marketing will be talking about simple ‘hacks’ that can be put in place to help improve your connection between your LinkedIn audience and your website.

How to boost your productivity and organisation within your business.

Work smarter not harder. Create a business that doesn’t own you. Be in control, grow your team and more…

HOW TO have an effective, strategic planning process

Having a strategy is one thing – but many businesses then fail to execute the strategy properly.

How do I make my website accessible for all visitors and why is it important?

Michael from The Northern Affinity will be joined by Caren Launus-Gamble from KreativeInc Agency – accessibility driven websites to discuss how important it is that websites are accessible for all visitors and how you can do this.

How to effectively manage your employees out of and beyond Lockdown

Sarah Bradley from The HR Dept Leeds South will talk us through extended Furlough, handling request for permanent homeworking including angles around H&S and employee well being

How To Insure & Protect Your People, Business and Assets correctly

What do you need to be aware of/what insurance should you consider/ what are the questions to ask when arranging your business insurance?

Are you making the most of your content? Could you do more to reach further & maximise your efforts?

Content takes up a lot of your time, so we want to ensure you are making the most of everything you create.

Are Hybrid events the future?

Michael Edwards from The Northern Affinity was joined by Stuart Mitchell from Catch The Mice to discuss the future for Hybrid Events as we exit from the Covid Pandemic.

Events – Where are we now and what is the future?

Michael Edwards from The Northern Affinity was joined by Zoe Wadsworth from Fab Events to discuss how the events industry has been impacted in the last 12 months and what the future is for events.

Andy Burnham Introducing The Greater Manchester Launch Event

The Northern Affinity launched a Greater Manchester group in March 2021 and the Major of Manchester left all our guests a welcome message.

How To Use the Techniques of Risk Management in your Smaller Business

Risk Management is often seen as being ‘corporate’ – one for the ‘big firms’, and not for SMEs – but the truth is that every business owner, manager or director is managing risk every single day.

How to increase engagement in your training

Engagement is key when delivering training. What do you need to know about getting people involved and keeping them focussed?

The Northern Affinity is growing – Launch events

In March 2021, The Northern Affinity will be launching new groups in South Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

How to Prepare for a Rebrand

Going through a rebrand can seem like an in-depth and bewildering project, but it doesn’t have to be!

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