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At The Northern Affinity, we believe in the personal touch. We want you to see who our partners are, what they do and what they are like. We know we have a great set of people who really know what they are talking about, now you can see this too.

The Importance of Data for businesses

We were joined by Edward Wynn from DPI Consulting to discuss how important data is for any business of any size.

Outsourcing Sales for your business

We discussed how you can outsource your sales with Rebecca Roberts.

Keeping company directors on the right side of the law

Stewart Harper joined us to talk about the importance of staying compliant as a company director.

The Northern Affinity 2020 and beyond

The Northern Affinity is 1 in September 2020 and we have so many exciting plans for the future.

DISC profiling and strategic planning – How they complement each other

Two of our partners, Sarah Bradley (FCIPD) & Brenda Etchells got together to discuss how DISC profiling can help with strategic planning.

Business Networking – Benefits, changes and the future

We were joined by Ian & Tracey from In Business to discuss the world of Business Networking, how it has changed in the last few months, and what the future holds for it.

The Importance of time for business owners

We were joined by Michelle Poole from Virtual Hand to discuss the value of time for small business owners.

Transforming sales performance in a recession

We were joined by Paul O’Donohue, CEO and Founder of Sales Star and Pete Evans, MD of Ventas

The Importance of financial wellbeing

We were joined by Philip Stoker to discuss personal financial wellbeing and changes to the financial services industry.

The Northern Affinity Monthly Get Together

We held the May version of our monthly event on Zoom due to the ongoing pandemic. During this meeting we had the following speakers;

The benefits of professional Photography – Angela Higham La Vue Photographique

Demonstration of Social Sendr – Michelle Cowan

DISC profiling – Sarah Bradley – The HR Dept Leeds South

Credit Control and Debt Recovery

We were joined by Anita Pickersgill from ICM Group to discuss the importance of having effective and robust credit control processes for your business.

Languages with Kate Stansfield

We spoke to Kate Stansfield about her 13 years of experience in the language services industry and how we could become better at languages as a nation.

Sustainable Marketing with Laura Norman

We were joined by Laura Norman from Chroma Marketing to discuss Marketing, how it is changing and her fantastic ‘Brewed in Yorkshire” video series.

Human Resources – How is it evolving?

We were joined by Sarah Bradley from HR Dept Leeds South provides fantastic expertise in the world of HR

Strategy – Why it is important that businesses of all size have a clear and defined plan?

We were joined by Brenda Etchells from Carduus Ltd to discuss the importance of a strategy for a business, where to start and how important it is for growth.

What is coaching and how can it improve you and your business?

We were joined by Karen Amos from Bright Bird Coaching and Training to discuss coaching for leaders within businesses.

What is PR and why is it important for your business?

We were joined by Caroline Joynson from Cheerleader PR who talked us through the world of PR. Caroline’s mission is to “help passionate business owners get media coverage and PR.”

What is The Northern Affinity? Hear it directly from our Partners

Find out more about The Northern Affinity and what we do for our partners from the partners themselves.

Why are So Contented in The Northern Affinity?

So Contented is one of the partners of The Northern Affinity. Find our more from Helen why she joined us.

In Business – Why are you in The Northern Affinity?

In Business is one of the partners of The Northern Affinity and a fantastic training and networking organisation. Find our more from why they joined us in this video.

Brenda Etchells from Carduus Ltd explains why she is in The Northern Affinity

Brenda from Carduus Ltd is one of the fantastic founder partners of The Northern Affinity. In this video find our more from Brenda why she joined us.

Why Hope Park Workspaces are part of The Northern Affinity

Daniel Bullen talks to us about why he joined The Northern Affinity and the benefits to Hope Park Workspaces.

Securing and using your website to grow your business

We were joined by Phil Storey from Glow. Glow offer website maintenance and WordPress support. We discussed the importance of securing your website and getting a few tips on getting the best from your site.

Selling in a Crisis with Pete Evans

In this uncertain circumstances, many businesses are unsure how to approach the sales process. The Northern Affinity talks to Pete Evans from Ventas Sales all about selling in a crises, the issues currently facing businesses, how important strategy is and the importance of being able to sell well in this current environment.

Creating effective and efficient Business Processes

Sarah Small runs aDigitalme, an online business management company for entrepreneurs. We discussed with Sarah how she works to help small business owners and how any of us can get the best processes in place to help their business succeed.

Ensuring that technology makes your life easier!

Scott Riley from Cloud Nexus is a big believer in technology should make life easier for you and your business and not harder. During this conversation we will discover how you can do this and how he works with his clients to ensure they increase their efficiency.

How important is professional Photography for businesses?

Angela Higham from La Vue Photographique was with us to discuss the importance of professional photography for all businesses. We found out more about her business, the passion her and Daniel have for photography and how they help the businesses they work with.

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