Partner of the month, Michelle Cowan finds new ways to market socialsendr

March 26th, 2021

Fresh from being announced as our partner of the month, Michelle Cowan has been busy exploring new ways to market her business socialsendr

There’s been plenty of talk about the effectiveness of influencer marketing in a B2B setting. Does it work? Is it worth the effort and investment? Judging by what Michelle has been achieving, the answer is a firm yes. 

socialsendr witnessed an immediate increase in sign ups to the platform following a campaign launched with a nano influencer on TikTok

Many businesses are familiar with using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. TikTok isn’t as established as these platforms from the perspective of some businesses. That makes it even more unusual for B2B companies to focus their marketing efforts on a fun, creative platform. But, Michelle discovered that a new approach can be very effective and beneficial. 

A story to tell

Earlier this year Michelle relaunched socialsendr after taking some time to perfect the platform’s offering. Following this relaunch, Michelle made the decision to try a new approach and partnered with nano influencer Social by Alexa

The plan was to create a short 30 second video introduction to socialsendr. The content was posted to Social by Alexa’s profile and almost instantly socialsendr saw 80 new sign ups. This is testament to the fact that working with influencers isn’t restricted to lifestyle brands. It can work for anyone who has a story to tell.

Thinking outside the box

Michelle explains, “Influencer marketing is incredibly popular with bigger brands. It’s often overlooked in the B2B community by smaller firms who feel they can’t afford the investment. But I’ve discovered first hand that influencer marketing comes in all shapes and sizes, outperforming traditional paid media such as social media advertising and PPC.”

“It’s an option every business can consider as part of its marketing activity. Nano influencers are highly influential as they are talking to a much more engaged audience who want to connect with them on a deeper level. If we retain half of these sign ups, it will justify our decision to invest in the influencer market in the future.”

A time saver for businesses

Alexa Wilkinson, nano influencer and social media manager, comments: “I was thrilled to work with socialsendr on this. Being able to schedule content and be given content ideas is genius. So many small businesses get stuck with what to post on a daily basis, making the platform a big time saver.”

TikTok has 689 million monthly active users worldwide and the app has been downloaded over 2 billion times from the App Store and Google Play. This number is growing every day and allows businesses to reach an entirely new audience. 

We’re proud of our partners 

We’re delighted to see our partners finding new and exciting ways to elevate their brands. Michelle is a creative individual who we’re proud to have part of our ever growing family here at The Northern Affinity. To find out more about Michelle have a look at her partner profile.

Socialsendr is unique in that it’s the only web-based platform out there that can create, schedule, and post content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This transforms the way sole traders and freelancers deliver their content and saves your businesses time and money. For more information on how socialsendr can support your business, head over to the website:

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