Brewed In Yorkshire: shining a light on people making a difference in their community

March 12th, 2020

The Northern Affinity work with a variety of different partners and we celebrate their successes. We’re thrilled to share this news from Laura at Chroma Marketing.

Two creative northern businesses, Chroma Marketing and Velo Digital, have joined forces to produce the video series, Brewed In Yorkshire.

In typical Yorkshire style, the hosts Laura Norman and Ryan Forde will be joined for a brew and a good natter. Their guests are making a real impact in the areas they live and work, and beyond.

From the woman behind Uniform Exchange getting recycled school uniforms for free to children that need them, to the man bringing music to the lives of people with critical illnesses, and recording a song for their loved ones through The Swan Song Project, Brewed In Yorkshire is bringing you a series of candid conversations from the people working to change lives.

“There are some amazing organisations, and incredible human beings, in Yorkshire. They are not only helping to change lives for the better, but are changing perceptions and starting difficult conversations. We wanted to put these people in the spotlight and help raise awareness; so that they’ll not only hopefully find more support for their projects, but that anyone who might need this kind of help, knows they’re not alone and where to get it.”

  • Laura Norman

The good folk of Yorkshire are no strangers to giving back to the community. With over 10,000 charities in the county and a rising number of organisations in an abundant social enterprise sector, there’s an estimated 340,000 people in the region that regularly volunteer and that’s not a number to be sniffed at. Laura and Ryan have created Brewed In Yorkshire to help raise awareness of the people working tirelessly behind the scenes to make a difference, and help them get the continued support they both need and deserve.

So, grab yourself a decent cuppa and check out Brewed In Yorkshire. Watch Laura and Ryan catch up with the people who are making Yorkshire an even better place, one life at a time.

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