Selling In A Crisis – Pete Evans

We’ve all faced an increased number of day to day challenges since we went into lockdown. Fundamentally, we’re all trying to figure out how to keep our cash flow going to ensure that we come out on the other side. . While we continue to find our way through these unprecedented times, I’ve put together a few useful tools for both sales leaders and sales teams to carry on doing what they do best, no matter what the circumstances. . 

Adaptability is key. 

Take everything you know about your sales process and flip it on it’s head. Sales leaders and sales teams across the country have had to make significant changes to the way they go about engaging their prospects. 

Firstly, fully embrace the technology you have available. Screen to screen selling is the ‘new normal’ for now, whether you’re B2B or B2C.  Consider that for some of your clients, this way of working might actually be preferable even after the lockdown measures are lifted. Therefore, it’s worth getting the practise in now and getting as proficient as possible. Just as you would with any face to face meeting, preparation and practise are essential

Try to create an appropriate environment for your meetings. Consider the background of your video, your clothes and any potential distractions (children, pets, poor connectivity etc.) Particularly for those who are   juggling work and small children, things will inevitably happen during the course of your meetings. There’s nothing wrong with a small disclaimer to your prospect that there may be some interruptions. We’re only human after all.

Communication is essential.

We can often be so focused on where we’re going, we forget to take stock of where we are. In times like these, it’s important to stay in touch with your existing clients, and more importantly, stay in touch on a human level with no hidden agenda. Maintaining rapport with your clients will help you to both effectively and honestly evaluate your positions and make an informed decision about how you move forward. 

Speaking of nurturing your clients, make LinkedIn your new best friend. Sales leaders and sales teams alike should be maximising their LinkedIn presence; connecting with new prospects and developing relationships with existing clients. Get involved in the activities available to you in your network. There are a whole host of online webinars, networking groups and coaching sessions available. Just because you’re working at home doesn’t mean you can’t still get your face and name out in the market. 

Realigning your focus. 

Sometimes it takes a crisis for us to evaluate the big things. In this instance, now is a perfect time to have a reality check when it comes to your pipeline. Where are the winnable deals? Who can you qualify out? Where is your time best spent and which deals are going to actively improve and help your cash flow? 

Take a step back and evaluate your position and where you can bring value to your clients. It might have changed dramatically in the last few weeks. And when I say value, I don’t necessarily mean in a monetary sense. It can be tempting to start throwing out discounts but I would strongly advise against this. There’s ways to be creative when it comes to value exchange – whether that’s through payment plans or through exchange of qualified referrals. 

This crisis could be a great opportunity for businesses to become stronger than ever. I think we’re all intrigued to see the inevitable differences to the working world once this is all over. Staying as proactive as possible will ultimately help us and our businesses. We have to embrace the change and turn it into something positive. Lockdown might just be the route to the continued evolution of your business.  

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