Social Media Reach

Our community supports each other online, as well as offline.

Reaching your audience

It’s not always easy to reach a wide audience on social media, but together we can help spread your message. Whether you’ve got a huge social media following that hears from you regularly, or the only person who ever likes your Facebook Business post is your mum (we’ve all been there), being part of The Northern Affinity means you’ll have access to a new audience.

You and your business will be part of our collective promotional and marketing efforts. There’s a lot of people following our social media accounts that like to hear what we have to say, and we love talking about our amazing community and the work that they do.

Use the right channels

Not everyone is on every social media channel. That’s why we offer everyone who’s part of our community the chance to chose where they want extra support to make sure we’re proudly sharing your message in all the right places.

If your services are aimed at other businesses, you might prefer support from The Northern Affinity on LinkedIn. Or maybe you’ve got a really visual product, so you know Instagram is the best place to showcase your business. Wherever your audience is, together, we’ll help you grow.


Ready to learn more about how The Northern Affinity can help spread the word about your amazing business? Check out our Partners page.

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