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Spencer Hayes Group, based in Rawtenstall and West Yorkshire, are a Commercial Insurance Brokerage that specialise in risk management solutions by making businesses more resilient against loss.

During the global pandemic, the team have been working tirelessly to help their clients and surrounding businesses receive help and find the solutions they need. Whether it’s creating specific solutions and schemes for businesses, sourcing products, launching new services, collaborations or new jobs – the list goes on.

Although Spencer Hayes Group isn’t alone in this, the entire community has come together to help one another in these difficult times.

Spencer Hayes Group came up with an idea to help save time and help those in need more effectively. The forum is specifically designed for companies and people to list or find offers and advice during this incredibly unique time. Posts can disappear on social media or become lost very easily, this solution is a lot more permanent and listed within the same place.

One of the biggest ways people can use this to their advantage is to help people looking for work, as companies can list that they’re searching for staff. It has been really common for people seeking HR advice and the forum has already seen HR specialists list their offers and give free advice.

The forum is split into industries and is open for anyone to use it. To post, all that you need to do is simply create an account or sign in with your Linked In account. The categories are split into specific specialisms, there’s also a general chat and a free & discounted section completely free for people to use.

The forum makes this extremely easy for people to navigate and find what they’re looking for. Along with giving people the ability to broaden their connections and be able to have general conversations.

Simply follow this link to access the forum, any posts are welcome from any industry, along with any ideas on how the forum can be improved.

If you have any further questions, simply contact

Inspire your brand ambassadors with an office transformation

When thinking about their brand, a lot of companies focus their efforts on  outgoing strategies; whether that’s marketing, packaging or advertising campaigns. However, the danger in focusing solely on your outgoing offerings is forgetting the people at the centre of your business – your staff. If you look after your people, they’ll be the best  brand ambassadors you could wish for. If you want them to nurture the  heart and soul of your company,it’s important to  keep them excited about your brand. Here’s how to do just that. 

Why is it important to send your marketing inward?

Without a strong connection to your brand, your employees run the risk of potentially undermining any advertising efforts you’re sending out of the four walls of your office. If your team’s excited about your products and services, your present and future clients will be too. So it’s important to do all you can to ensure that your employees feel connected with their place of work. Employees who really believe in the brand are statistically working harder and are more loyal to the company. 

Quite often, employee loyalty and support is taken as a given, when the fact of the matter is, it’s something that needs to be earned. Keeping your team in the loop  by telling them what’s going to happen is a world away from really and truly  convincing them about the brand they’re working for.  

So how can you foster a sense of common purpose, unity and brand belief amongst your staff?  

Transform your workspaces. 

This may sound like a simple solution and it can be. What better way to promote your brand values than creating an environment where your mission, vision and values are breathed in by every employee each and every day? 

Creating a visually pleasing, stimulating environment will help your employees stay creative and inspired. It’s a brilliant opportunity to showcase the heart of your business and what it stands for. There have been lots of studies over which colours will work best in office environments when it comes to having calming effects or increasing productivity. It’s important when redesigning your office space to take into consideration the needs of your employees. 

Think about what it is your team needs to help them be the best they can be. Do they work long hours and therefore need more muted colours to avoid eye fatigue? Are you a creative industry that needs lots of inspiration dotted around the office? Wall-murals are a simple but striking way to show your employees and visitors what you’re all about

The power of social proof.

Never underestimate the power of a positive referral from your employees. If you’re able to create a positive working environment, the chances of your employees sharing and showcasing your brand to their personal network significantly increase. 

The addition of a stand-out mural is an easy way to share content and bring a focal point to your visitors. It promotes the essence of your business to those both inside, and outside, of your organisation. In addition to this, it can serve as a daily reminder to everyone, whether they’re the CEO or the new starter, of why you’re all there working hard and the goals they’re out to achieve. It’s something everyone in the company can be proud of. 

Everyone wants to work somewhere that truly believes in their values. Wall murals and other art installations are a unique way of showcasing your brand and inspiring your staff. Encouraging a sense of brand identity amongst your employees will create a real buzz and a living breathing values based culture. 

To find out more about Steph and Wall-Nuts, head to her partner profile.

Protecting your IP – Matt Sammon

Starting a new business is an incredibly exciting time. There’s a lot to prepare in order to launch successfully. Something that’s often overlooked is intellectual property, whether that’s researching it, registering it or protecting it. At Sonder IP, we specialise in helping businesses protect the things that matter. We’ve  brought together some simple advice to make sure your IP is protected so your business can flourish in your market. 

What should I protect? 

There are four main types of intellectual property you can protect; trademarks, registered designs, copyright and patents. 

Trademarks must have some distinctive character; they must be sufficiently different from existing trademarks in the same sector to avoid any confusion for your consumers. It’s important to remember that trademarks require renewal after ten years. 

Registered designs must be different to anything that already exists in the public domain. When you protect a registered design, you can protect 3D physical shapes and configurations in addition to 2D designs, patterns and decorations. Don’t get caught in the trap of unveiling a design to the public before registering your IP – you may lose your right to protection which would cost your business. 

Copyright protection only exists when a piece of work exists physically and has been created independently. For example, a literary work must be physically written down. You cannot protect an idea, you’ll  need physical evidence. It doesn’t have to be visually appealing so can therefore apply to block text or building designs for example. 

Patents must be unique compared to other inventions in the public domain. You’ll need the cover of a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) when discussing the invention prior to doing your application otherwise your application could suffer. Your invention need not be be visually pleasing but must offer some technical value. Crucially, your invention should not be a modification of something that already exists. 

Why should I protect it? 

There are several benefits to protecting your intellectual property. The most obvious ones being saving your business time and money in rebranding. Secondly, you’ll  be safe in the knowledge that your brand is protected for the future. If you or your business find yourself in an IP infringement, the consequences can vary hugely. Don’t take the risk! 

Make sure you carry out your own research and due diligence. If you’re unsure whether the entity you’re hoping for is available, it’s always advisable to seek the help of a professional. You’d be surprised at how easy the process is. 

How do I protect it? 

When starting the process of protecting your IP, there are some steps you can take yourself. Firstly, consider the timing. The earlier you can carry out your research, the better. You don’t want to be in a position of launching your brand and only to  find out that you’re actually in an IP infringement. 

Check domains, research your particular market, check the Intellectual Property Office Register. After that, it’s time to seek the advice of a professional. At Sonder IP, we work with a range of businesses, big or small to protect their valuable property.  

Making sure you take the appropriate steps to protecting your IP is vital for any business, no matter your industry. We would encourage business owners to  put the research in on your IP before committing to a full brand strategy, whether you’re just starting out or carrying out a big rebrand. Protect the things that make your business unique and help yourself stand out in your market. 

You can find out more about Matt and Sonder IP on his partner profile.

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